About Us

Noura London aims to provide high quality oil based scents which are gentle on the skin and long lasting. Our aim is simple, to provide a quality, luxurious product along with an exceptional customer service.

Noura London offers beauty, sophistication and luxury. Our products are unique and beautiful and are inspired by the beautiful smells and glamour of the Arabian Gulf where we lived for many years.

We are proud to be a member of the

Charity Fairs Association (CFA)

Shop to Give is surely the most enjoyable way of supporting a charity. These events raise hundreds of pounds for some of the most worthwhile causes. So next time there is a charity fair in your area, do go along, support small businesses and enjoy a thoroughly heart-warming experience, knowing that you are also helping a charity with every pound you spend.

The CFA is a national organisation and the umbrella body that brings together many of the country's Fair Organisers and the Stallholders.  It supports both parties and provides training and guidelines to help make charity fairs the best they can be.  Find out more about the CFA and Shop To Give.