Perfume oil sample set

Perfume oil sample set

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Not sure which perfume oil to select?  Why not try some perfume oils for FREE from our range of sample perfume oils.  You can try before you purchase a full size roll on bottle or gift for your friends and family.

Here is our range of Noura London fragrances perfume oil.

Please select any collection from the following sets:
Sweet & Fresh, Spicy & Warm, Oud Collection, For Him & for Her

Sweet & Fresh Spicy & Warm Oud Collection For Him & for Her
Azura Bakhoor Anbar Oud & Anber Azura
Entice Arabesque Oud Isfahan Arabesque
Femme Goddess Warda Oud & Rose Homme
Gigi Orchid Royal Oud Wood Noir
Illicit Oud Kalimatan Oud Kalimatan Sweet Leather
Neroli Anbar Oud & Anber Zest Oud & Bergamot Tabac

You will receive a pack of 6 oils in 1ml vials.

The sample sets are FREE.  But we charge only £4.00 which covers postage & packaging.